Up or down? 

It’s dilemma time! Through the centuries women and men alike have faced difficult decisions such as; Roundheads or Cavaliers? Montague or Capulet? Coca Cola or Pepsi? Now it’s hair up or hair down? Below the knee or above? Of course it can only mean one thing…. prom season!!

If you are going to prom and can’t figure out your hair or happen to be the parent of a very excited/stressed prom goer then have a look online, grab some magazines and just start searching! Luckily it’s award season so there are plenty of images out there to choose from at the moment which is such a bonus for everyone!

Thankfully lots of shops have jewels and various clips for simple styles to add sparkle or the most lavish styles to make it even more beautiful, a couple of my favourites; Claire’s Accessories, Accessorise, Oriental Pearl and Primark.

Why not take some of the stress out of this rite of passage by booking a consultation with one of the stylists at 13… we’re here to help smooth the way and your hair for this super exciting event!! 

Boys don’t you forget to get your cut booked in, no one needs to look back at their photos and wonder why they look like Zac Efron in 2005!! Even he will look at his photos and wonder how his stylist made money!

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If we don’t see you before the big day, enjoy yourselves, be young and carefree, buy the girl the flower, hold the boy’s hand and most importantly create some memories to last a lifetime!!

Be good

Gem x