Lent… have you given up? 

So let’s be honest as a collective we kind of like to indulge, whether it’s food, drink, shoes or jewellery so the thought of choosing something to give up for 40 days is not easy!! That’s roughly 6 weeks!! That’s the general time between hair appointments… the only thing that should be given up for that amount of time is roots and split ends!! 

I was going with cake and then realised it was our girl Hayley at 13s 30th birthday so that wasn’t going to work! My next choice was alcohol (don’t get me wrong I don’t have vodka on my cornflakes) but again Hayley’s birthday was taking us to Amsterdam so that wasn’t going to work either! (Without sounding like a tour guide, you must visit Amsterdam if you haven’t already!!)… in the end I gave up with the giving up!

Now that we are safely back in one piece from the 30th weekend I’m going to kind of halfway through join in with the whole thing and give up something slightly unusual, self criticism! I’m gonna cut myself some slack for the rest of Lent, treat myself to some me time, be positive and then if I manage it I’ll stuff my face with chocolate eggs Easter Sunday! 

Good luck being better than me!! 

Till next time