Valentine’s Tips

Now I feel it is my duty to give you all a little help in advance of the flowery, chocolate and jewellery filled land mine infested day that we’re heading towards… you all want to look fab for the Valentine’s ‘surprises’ you’re going to be preparing or receiving (we all know so many hints were dropped they basically booked it themselves).

Don’t forget there will be photos, you need to look your best for the occasion, you don’t want to pull out all the photos in 10 years time to remember that lovely trip, wonderful home cooked surprise or flower delivery with roots and major split ends!! Or a terrible dressing gown and duck slippers!! 

Here are my tips to a cracking valentines;

1) make sure you both know that there is an expectation, neither of you want to forget the card or the rose.

2) drop as many gentle reminders as you can that you need a trip to the hairdressers ‘just in case you do anything’ from now as things get booked up – this is for both boys and girls no one needs to have bad hair!

3) this is an extension to 2, if your partner has hair in need of some attention and you’ve made plans give us a ring at 13 and we’ll try our best to fit you in and sort the issue.

4) poetry never gets old roses are red, violets are blue and we never tire of hearing how wonderful we are and how much we’re loved so pull out the stops, find a quote and pop it in the card! (Google 21 quotes that’ll make your heart melt)

5) old fashioned romance never goes out of fashion! Cook the meal, play their favourite music, light some candles and give them your time, remember they love you and return the favour, love them don’t try to impress them, grab a bag of their favourite sweets and hide them in their pocket…

6) if all else fails there’s some really expensive stuff out there to get you out of the dog house! 

From all of us at 13 enjoy yourselves this Valentine’s Day!

From me one last thing, don’t wait till the 14th to show how much you mean to each other.