Lights… camera… action!!

It’s a fact, January and February are the longest, darkest and most bland months of the year! (Obviously this isn’t a fact fact as February is the shortest month and December is pretty dark too but it’s definitely a truth!) 

Hmmmm what to do? How do we make things more interesting? How do we make the months brighter? Well at 13 we set up the lights, we get a camera out and we make sure the make up box is within reach!! 

If you haven’t noticed already we’ve all been having some fun, dragging our family in to be our victims/models and enjoying a little bit of creativity, some looks simple and classic others not so much but all of them beautiful! There are more photo shoots planned in the coming months and as clients of 13 or friends and family of our stylists there is every possibility you will get the call…

‘Any chance you’re free on the….’

Just remember the next time you’re in the salon we hold the scissors… I’m kidding obviously but check out the pictures if you haven’t already seen them. 

Here’s to being behind the camera and thanks in advance to all that end up in front of it 💋