Happy New Year!

That’s it!! It’s all done!! 2016 has left us with a blur and I don’t know about you, but a determination to do more with this year! Learn something new, try something different, be braver, get wiser and ultimately have more fun!! 

I’m fed up of saying the same thing come December, “where did the year go?”! This year I’m going to know where it went… holidays, adventures and at least 2 different hairstyles! 

There is no point making resolutions as we all know by lunchtime on Friday we would have eaten chocolate, smoked a fag or even snogged that person we know is no good for us. Telling ourselves to be better by stopping things we enjoy is always going to lead to failure, let’s be better by just that, being better! 

Smile, be kind, enjoy the small things, plan some big things, hold on to the hope of better… every journey starts with a single step… if your New Years wish is to start fresh come and have a change! 

Maybe 2017 is your red year, maybe it’s your short year, maybe, just maybe it’s your shave it off and start again year! (Let’s be fair Brittany had her reasons)
Fingers crossed for the best first step for us all!! 

I’ll see you soon