Another doo done… 

So we did it, we went to a public venue, we drank, we ate and yet we all got home without drama!! Well apart from Lukas’ crew who lost their cab!! The one they got in the end fleeced them… I feel the need to share the story of the cab snatch 2012…

We came out of a bar that will remain nameless in Bexleyheath, in our ultimate wisdom have forgotten to book a cab, now let me tell you when the 13 family are ready to go home we’re ready, a half hour cab queue was not going to cut it!! Lukas strolls all casual up to a cab, head goes in the window and the guy says ‘Ross’ (can’t remember the exact name, damn tequila rose) and Lukas cool as a day in Lapland… ‘sorry, I’m Ross are you my cab?’ BOOM we’re heading home!! Epic fail this time round though Mr Rains!! 

I feel I need to put a shout out to the one and only Hayley for finding the bacon rolls and Emma for the fact we three had the survivor’s breakfast, all still in our heels too! 

The pictures from the night just show how 13 isn’t a team it’s a family… the bosses may be in charge like mum and dad but us, their kids will pick them up and support them when they need us! Ok so generally we don’t flash Emma’s bum or pop Lukas’ button off but hey it’s Christmas so why not!! 

Come join us, be a part of our family, I promise you it’s a good one! 

Gem x