Chocolate for breakfast!!

So it’s official.. we’re opening our advent calendars, we’re making the posties earn their wages and scaring ourselves with the ‘sleeps til Christmas’ countdowns!! The big man in red has made his list and checked it twice but as always my list consists of scribbled on bits of paper and notes on my phone! 
Every year I lie to myself about being organised, (ha ha ha to me if it’s all done by Christmas Eve it’s an improvement if I’m honest). The salon is getting crazy, the tree is up and the atmosphere is awesome… I know I’m getting super excited!! 

The shelves are stocked with our usual products as well as our Christmas treats such as mini products and brushes, all pretty, brightly coloured, smell amazing and shockingly… more important than all that they’re great for your hair! Who’d have guessed?! 

If you’re already booked to come and see us you can look forward to some Christmas drinks and treats, if you’re not you can try your luck and if you’re flexible, with time not your arms, we might be able to find you some space to come in… even if you just want to come look at our stocking fillers you’re more than welcome! 

Our door at 13 is open… lets make Christmas happen!!