The Big Brush Company mini pom pom brushes and Tangle Angel brushes are here for Christmas!!!

Christmas is coming!!

I don’t know about you, but there is always that person at work or a family member that you have to get a gift for and you think “I don’t know what they like”?

Here at 13 we have a maximum limit of £10.00 for our secret Santa gifts for each other.

What can you get for £10.00, that isn’t a rubbish present and that your friend would actually like and use?

Mmmmmmmm…….. What to get……..?

How about The Big Brush Companies Mini Pom Pom detangling brush!!

We have totally fallen in love with these mini brushes!

These little gems will make sure your friends hair always looks good on the go; and with the addition of the gorgeous faux fur pom poms and key ring clasp they are perfect for little treats and stocking fillers!!

The really great news is the price.               ONLY £7.00!! 

That will give you £3.00 left over to grab another one of our mini treats for someone else!

Tangle Angels mini key ring brush!            ONLY £3.00!!

These are a bit smaller than the pom pom’s but with the pretty Angel wing design we know they’ll make another great pressie!

If you want to go right up to your maximum limit, the mini Angel wings have a full size friend                                                                     ONLY £10.00!!!!

They’re all in Salon now, but be quick because I think they will be our biggest sellers this Christmas!!!

Happy shopping!!!!

Emma xx