To blog or not to blog?

Hey you lovely people!!!

Now, I’m not really sure what I’m doing here as I’ve never blogged before but I can tell you I’m super excited to share my thoughts and days at 13 with you!! 

13 may be new but we’re still the same crazy family we were before! 

Right now I just wanted to tell you all how much fun we’re having down at 13, planning lots for the new year and enjoying our independence like an 18 year old getting their ID! 

Our Christmas stock is arriving, colourful, pretty and fun brushes, straighteners that will be perfect for those Monica moments 

(you’ve seen Friends right?) 

and the annual discussions of ‘When can we put the tree up?’ and ‘What shall we dress up as?’ have begun!! Obviously we have no answers to either, suggestions on the fancy dress are welcome!!

          (Last year!)

Oh, if you haven’t already got yourself booked in for the crazy month that is December or even November, just in case you like to hibernate through December (I wouldn’t blame you), pop in or give us a ring it’s getting busy but we’ll try our best for you wonderful lot! 

Thanks for reading my first ramblings and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Much love