Our all time favourite product!

Pureology Colour Fanatic is the salons number 1 product! It’s amazing! We all love it and that’s because it does so much. 21 things to be precise!
But here’s some of the reasons we LOVE it;

  • It’s a heat protector. So for all them times your straightening or blow drying your hair, spray this on girls!
  • A detangeling spray. To get through all them knots!
  • Leave in conditioner. Make your hair feel “silky smooth”.
  • Prevents colour fade. It prolongs the colour we do, so less refreshing the ends.
  • Strengthens the hair fibre. Less breakage, what more can I say!

And many more essential benefits! 

It retails for £17.25. And it’s a must buy!

If I can get my clients on to one product, this would be that one!